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Escondido Tooth Extractions

Extractions In Escondido

In some cases, it may not be possible to save a natural tooth, and Dr. Hope may recommend that you have your tooth extracted. At the office of Dr. Douglas G. Hope, we use the latest techniques and technology to provide pain-free extractions in Escondido. Get more details below, or by contacting us for an appointment with Dr. Hope.

Dentist performing tooth extraction

When Are Tooth Extractions Required?

Tooth extractions may be required if a chronic oral health issue like advanced gum disease or a tooth infection has destroyed your tooth and it’s not possible to save it. In this case, removing and replacing the tooth is usually the best option.

Tooth extractions also may be required if your tooth is severely damaged or broken by oral trauma like a slip and fall, and Dr. Hope does not believe that the tooth can be repaired.

Another common reason for extractions is the growth of wisdom teeth. This final set of 4 molars erupts around the age of 17 to 25 years, and most people don’t have enough room for them. This can cause damage to the surrounding teeth and other complications, so many patients opt to have the wisdom teeth removed. 

Extractions may also be needed for some dental procedures. Full dentures, for example, require the removal of any remaining teeth before your dentures can be fitted and placed. More rarely, extractions may be needed for some orthodontic treatments. 

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Will It Hurt To Get My Tooth Pulled?

No. Your mouth will be numb throughout the extraction process, so you won’t feel a thing. You can also be sedated during your appointment, if you wish. This helps ensure your comfort throughout the extraction process.

You will experience some pain and discomfort after your extraction once the numbing and sedation wear off. Dr. Hope will provide you with a set of instructions to help you minimize discomfort and ensure you can recover quickly from your surgery, so follow these closely as you heal.

Escondido tooth extraction in process
toth extractions in escondido

Recovering From A Tooth Extraction And Restoring Your Smile

If you have your wisdom teeth extracted, you won’t need any kind of dental restoration after your teeth have been pulled. After your mouth heals, you can continue with your normal day-to-day life. However, if your tooth is pulled due to an oral injury, tooth infection, or gum disease, it’s important to replace it with a dental bridge, a partial denture, or a dental implant within 6 months. This will prevent your other teeth from shifting into the empty socket, which can cause a number of bite problems. Before your treatment, Dr. Hope will go over your restorative options.

Dr. Douglas G. Hope with dental staff

Do I Need To Replace My Tooth After Extraction?

Wisdom teeth do not need to be replaced after an extraction, but if you have any of your other teeth extracted, it’s a good idea to replace it. Replacing a missing tooth restores your bite and your smile so that you can feel great about your appearance, speak clearly, and eat your favorite foods.

In most cases, dental implants are the best way to restore an extracted tooth. With a smile makeover in Escondido, Dr. Hope can develop a custom treatment plan that will restore the natural function and appearance of your smile after an extraction. 

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