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Dental Fillings in Escondido

Treat Decayed Teeth With Dental Fillings

At the office of Dr. Douglas G. Hope, we can help you get the care you need for a cavity in Escondido. If you think you may have a decayed tooth, getting a filling right away can save you time and money, and prevent further complications like a tooth infection. Read on to learn more about dental fillings at our office, or contact us now to schedule a consultation with Dr. Hope.

High-Quality Composite Fillings In Escondido

At our office, we specialize in metal-free dentistry, which is why we only use composite fillings at our office. Composite fillings are made of a combination of crushed glass and dental resin. They match your existing tooth structure perfectly, providing you with a more pleasing appearance. In contrast, metal-amalgam fillings have a silver-gray color that can discolor your smile. 

Composite fillings have a few other advantages, too. They bond more tightly to your tooth, and require the removal of less enamel while during the tooth preparation process. This strengthens your tooth, and provides better overall results. To learn more about the benefits of composite fillings, schedule an appointment with Dr. Hope today.

The Dental Filling Process

Wondering what to expect from the dental filling process at the office of Dr. Douglas G. Hope? First, your mouth will be cleaned and numbed to prepare for the filling procedure. You can also be sedated if you’d like to remain more comfortable throughout the process.

Once your mouth is numb, Dr. Hope will prepare your tooth. He will use a dental drill to gently remove any decayed or damaged tooth material. Then, he will clean and disinfect the tooth to prepare for the placement of your filling.

After your tooth has been prepared, Dr. Hope will pick out a composite filling material that will match the color of your existing teeth perfectly, providing you with a seamless result. The filling material will be applied directly to the tooth, then shaped to restore the tooth structure.

Once the overall shape of the filling is right, Dr. Hope will harden it using UV light, and trim it with a dental drill to refine its shape further. He will also test your bite to ensure the filling fits properly. When the fit is perfect, he will finish the procedure by buffing and polishing your filled tooth.

The entire process usually takes less than an hour at our office, so you can schedule a convenient appointment at the office of Dr. Douglas G. Hope, and immediately get back to your day-to-day routine after treatment.

Caring For A New Filling

You can treat your filling just like a natural part of your tooth. There is no extensive recovery period or special care required for a filling. Brush twice a day and floss once a day, and don’t forget to see Dr. Hope every six months for preventive care, such as a teeth cleaning and oral exam.


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