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Preventive Dentistry in Escondido

Keep Your Smile Strong With Preventive Dentistry

Want to make sure your smile stays healthy and strong? Dr. Douglas G. Hope is here to help you get the dental treatment you need. With preventive care at our office, you can avoid cavities and fillings, keep your smile bright, and improve your overall oral health. Learn more below, or schedule your next checkup in Escondido.

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What Is Preventive Dentistry?

Preventive dentistry is the practice of maintaining good oral hygiene and receiving regular checkups to ensure you avoid common oral health problems like gum disease (gingivitis) and cavities. 

With proper preventive care, including a good at-home oral hygiene routine and regular checkups at the office of Dr. Douglas G. Hope, you can completely eliminate the risk of developing these conditions, which saves you time and money and keeps your smile healthy and bright. 

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What Treatments Are Considered To Be Preventive?

In most cases, preventive dentistry includes all treatments that are intended to prevent the formation of cavities or other oral health issues like gum disease. Some of the most common preventive treatments include six-month oral exams and teeth cleanings, fluoride treatments, and dental sealants. Learn more about these treatments below.

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Six-Month Oral Exams & Teeth Cleanings

Six-month oral exams and teeth cleanings are the cornerstone of preventive care. At your appointment, your dental hygienist will examine your mouth, scrape away plaque and tartar, buff and polish your teeth, and floss your teeth to clean away any remaining food or other particles. Then, Dr. Hope will examine your mouth to look for signs of common oral health issues, and ensure you get the help you need if you have cavities, gum disease, or any other dental problem.

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Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride treatments consist of a layer of fluoride-rich gel, which is applied to the teeth after a cleaning. Fluoride has the unique ability to attract minerals like calcium and phosphates to your enamel, strengthening them against decay and even reversing minor decay. 

Elderly couple with beautiful smiles
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Dental Sealants

Sealants are made from a clear, plastic dental resin. This resin is applied to your rear teeth as a liquid. Then, the sealant is hardened with a UV light. This activates it and creates a strong, transparent barrier between your teeth and oral bacteria, acid, and food particles. In turn, this barrier stops the formation of cavities, and can protect your teeth for up to 10 years with proper application.

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How Often Do I Need To Schedule Checkups?

This depends on your oral health. Most patients at the office of Dr. Douglas G. Hope come in for teeth cleanings and oral exams every six months. However, Dr. Hope may recommend that you come in for a consultation at an interval of between 3-12 months, depending on your susceptibility to cavities and gum disease, your overall oral health, and how well you’re caring for your teeth at home. 

To find out more and make sure you are seeing Dr. Hope frequently enough to protect your smile, just schedule a consultation now. After your checkup, Dr. Hope can determine the best treatment interval for your unique needs.

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Emergency Dentistry

If you or a loved one is experiencing dental pain, call our office at (760) 480-8883 and prepare to make your way for emergency dental care in Escondido. Whether playing with relatives at a family reunion or biting into a stale grocery store cookie, our team has seen a wide range of emergency dental cases and is honored to care for you in a timely and gentle manner. By going the extra mile to offer same day dental appointments for most emergency dental cases, we work diligently to relieve any pain and get our patients back on track for good oral health and comfort.


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