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She always wanted a beautiful smile and came to us to help her get there.
Using porcelain veneers we corrected the color, shape, alignment, and positioning of the teeth to give her that Beautiful smile she was looking for!



He fractured his upper front tooth when he got hit in the mouth. He wanted the front tooth fixed but also asked me about straightening his smile.
Years before, he was told he needed 2 years of braces to make his smile even. I gave him the option of making his smile straight and fixing his broken tooth at the same time using Porcelain Veneers.
In less than 2 weeks not only had we fixed his broken tooth, we gave him the great smile that he was asking for!



He wanted to correct his worn down, uneven, and darkly stained smile.
We used Porcelain Veneers to lengthen his teeth, even out his smile, and whiten them at the same time.


Smile Makeover

His broken front tooth drove him to our office. In discussions about fixing his front tooth he mentioned that he always wanted a nice smile.
We talked about fixing his front tooth and his entire smile at the same time!
What a great result!



Complaint- dark grey teeth, uneven smile
Solution- Porcelain veneers to whiten her teeth and give her a bright even smile


Veneers & Crowns

Complaint- worn down, yellow teeth, uneven smile, old dentistry
Solution- we enhanced almost his entire mouth with All Porcelain Veneers and Crowns



He was at the time in his life where he finally wanted to have a beautiful smile.
We used Porcelain Veneers to transform his smile- the before and after is amazing!

Del Mar

Veneers & Implants

He came to us to improve his crooked, uneven smile and to correct his bad bite.
We restored his entire mouth with Veneers and dental implants to give him a Stunning smile and fix his bite at the same time!


Full Mouth Rehabilitation

He had the desire to improve his smile, correct the teeth with decay, and improve his bite at the same time.
We rehabilitated his entire mouth to correct his bite, remove the decay, and give him a smile he could be proud of and show off!



She was not happy with her smile – the color was not right, the teeth were uneven. We placed porcelain veneers to give her a brilliant smile!


Cosmetic Bonding

She was a teenager who was born with naturally small “peg” shaped teeth. We did very conservative and affordable “Cosmetic Bonding” on her upper front teeth to give her a great full smile!



This young lady came to us to improve her smile. Using porcelain veneers we gave her the smile she was dreaming about!


Crowns and Veneers

His main complaints were- large dark spaces between his teeth, discolored, worn, uneven smile. We restored almost his entire mouth with Crowns and Veneers to give him the smile he was dreaming about!


Veneers and Bonding

This young lady came to us to help with her uneven smile, malpositioned and “peg” sized teeth. Using a combination of Porcelain Veneers and Cosmetic Bonding we evened out her smile and corrected the small “peg” shaped teeth.



Complaint – yellow teeth, worn, uneven smile
Solution – Porcelain veneers to create an awesome smile!



Linda is one of our own and works at our front desk. She always wanted a smile she could show off! Her previous employer was also a dentist who did some older type cosmetic work on her but it was just not up to her expectations. We used the latest techniques and stunning Porcelain veneers and exceeded her expectations. You can see her beautiful smile when you come in to our office for a visit!



He came to us after his wife encouraged him to visit us.  He had a history of “single tooth” dentistry which left him with an uneven and unattractive smile. We removed his old restorations and found multiple areas of decay.  We removed the decay and gave him an awesome smile using Porcelain Veneers!



This young lady was not happy with the spaces around her teeth, the staining, and small “peg” lateral incisors. We used porcelain veneers  to give her a beautiful, whiter, even smile!

KoR Whitening

35 year old female was told by her previous dentist that the only way to make her smile better was to spend $30,000 on veneers for her upper and lower teeth. She came in with heavy tetracycline stained teeth that made her hide her smile almost her whole life. Using the KOR whitening technique we achieved outstanding results that allowed her to smile big and proud and at a fraction of the cost!

KoR Whitening

This patient came in with a major concern. His teeth were discolored and over-the-counter whitening strips weren’t working. He even tried at-home whitening with his previous dentist. With our three step whitening process, we were able to give him the smile he’d always wanted!

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