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General Dentistry in Escondido

General Dentistry in Escondido, CA

At your regular checkup and dental exam, Dr. Hope and his team will consider all aspects of your dental health as they answer questions and concerns and help you to understand your options. If you need gum care, a cavity filling or to be fitted for dentures, the benefit of having a general dentist nearby is knowing that you are in the good hands of a professional who can provide a wide range of services in-house. Have you noticed a change in your dental health? Our Escondido team is happy to answer your questions or schedule a checkup when you call us at (760) 480-8883.

Dentist examines a patient's teeth

Gum Disease Laser Therapy

Gum disease (also known as gingivitis or periodontal disease) is one of the most common diseases affecting over half of adults in America today. Not many people know that the symptoms of gum disease, such as gums that bleed when brushing, could indicate signs of systemic health problems throughout the body. Rest assured, with regular teeth cleanings, periodontal care (such as our non-surgical laser therapy) and a good dental hygiene routine, most cases of gum disease can be treated gently and effectively by your local general dentist.

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Root Canal Therapy

When you have an infection in the inside of your tooth, the best way to restore your smile and prevent complex issues such as tooth loss may be with endodontic services such as root canal therapy. At your appointment, Dr. Hope will apply a general anesthetic to alleviate any dental pain. Using special dental tools, he is able to carefully access and remove the infected inner pulp of the tooth, and then replace the nerve with a rubber-like substitute. The affected tooth is thoroughly cleaned and then sealed with a tooth-colored filling or dental crown.

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Dr. Douglas G. Hope in Escondido dental office

Tooth Extractions

Dr. Hope and his team in the Escondido area are careful to recommend tooth extraction. But in instances of significant tooth decay, damage, disease or crowding from too many teeth or wisdom teeth, tooth extraction may be necessary. At your appointment, Dr. Hope may also recommend alternatives to tooth extraction. When a wisdom tooth is extracted or a tooth is pulled, Dr. Hope ensures that there is no pain and little to no discomfort. After treatment you may be prescribed pain relieving medications to aid in fast and comfortable healing.

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Snoring And Sleep Apnea

Did you ever think that the snoring that shakes the walls at night and causes your family to lose sleep could be cured by your dentist? Obstructed sleep apnea (OSA) is a serious health risk that reduces the amount of oxygen in the blood and could lead to emotional difficulties such as irritability or depression. Typically caused by collapsed airways, sleep apnea may be treated by your general dentist with services such as orthodontic care, mouthguards and nightguards, and specialized sleep apnea treatments.

Elderly couple with beautiful smiles
Tooth pain dental emergency

Headaches And TMJ

When your temporomandibular joint is misaligned, you may feel the pain or discomfort throughout your body. Headaches, jaw pain, neck aches and tingling sensations in the arms may be symptoms of a joint disorder known as TMJ pain or TMD. If your jaw gets stuck or “locks” in place when you yawn or open wide, you may have TMD. Dr. Hope and his team have successfully trained at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, renowned for its training in Cosmetic and Neuromuscular dental care. They are available to provide custom TMJ treatment plans when you call for a consultation in our Escondido office.

Dr. Douglas G. Hope with dental staff

Dental Services in Escondido

Your comfort and peace of mind are our highest concern no matter what dental care you need. With services ranging from tooth-colored fillings to full-mouth reconstruction or digital dentistry, restoring your health is our way of helping you lead a better quality of life later on. For patients with dental anxiety, we provide calming laughing gas. For patients who want the most natural dental restorations, we provide metal-free dental crowns. No matter what we do, our patients and their families come first.

Dr. Douglas G. Hope with dental staff
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Emergency Dentistry

If you or a loved one is experiencing dental pain, call our office at (760) 480-8883 and prepare to make your way for emergency dental care in Escondido. Whether playing with relatives at a family reunion or biting into a stale grocery store cookie, our team has seen a wide range of emergency dental cases and is honored to care for you in a timely and gentle manner. By going the extra mile to offer same day dental appointments for most emergency dental cases, we work diligently to relieve any pain and get our patients back on track for good oral health and comfort.


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