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Dentures in Escondido

Get Your Smile Back With Dentures

If you’ve lost one or more teeth in Escondido, Dr. Douglas Hope is here to help. Our team specializes in custom dentures, and can help you get the care you need to restore your smile, your bite, and your self-esteem. Contact us online or give us a call at (760) 480-8883 to schedule your appointment today.

Dentures in Escondido, CA

Are Dentures Right For Me?

If you’ve lost one or more of your teeth, dentures are a good option for restoring your smile. They are a particularly good option for short-term tooth replacement, or for patients who are on a tight budget. This is because while they don’t last as long as alternative tooth replacements, they’re usually quite a bit more affordable.

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Our Denture Options – Partial, Full, & Implant-Supported

We offer three different types of dentures at the office of Dr. Douglas G. Hope. Here’s a quick overview of each one:

  • Partial dentures – Partial dentures can replace one or several missing teeth. They consist of false teeth attached to a plastic and/or metal base. They snap onto your existing healthy teeth, which hold them tightly in place.
  • Full dentures – Full dentures are made from a gum-colored acrylic base, which supports a full row of false teeth. They are used to replace the upper, lower, or both rows of teeth. They are only recommended if you have lost most or all of your teeth. This is because they require all your remaining teeth to be extracted, even if they’re healthy.
  • Implant-supported dentures – Implant-supported dentures are similar to full dentures. But instead of being held in place by fitting tightly over your gums, they attach to a set of 4-6 dental implants. This provides more stability, preserves the health of your jaw, and makes your dentures look and feel more natural. Depending on the type, implant-supported dentures may be fixed in place permanently, or they may be removable. 
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The Denture Fitting & Placement Process

To begin the process, you’ll need to schedule a consultation with Dr. Hope. He will discuss all of your options for tooth replacement, and help you decide if dentures are right for you. If you’re approved, he will take measurements, images, and impressions of your mouth.

These are used by our dental lab to build your first set of test dentures. This may take a week or two. When your test dentures are complete, you’ll come to our office to try them on. Dr. Hope will assess the fit and ask you how they feel. Then, he will use this information to refine the fit, and order a new set of test dentures. This process will continue until your dentures fit perfectly.

Once the fit of your dentures is perfect, Dr. Hope will order your final set of dentures. Once they arrive at our office, you’ll come in and pick them up. Dr. Hope will check the fit one last time, and give you some instructions on how to wear and care for your dentures. Then, you’ll be sent home to enjoy your new smile.

Benefits of Dentures

Why choose dentures over other methods of tooth replacement? Here are a few reasons to consider dentures from Dr. Douglas G. Hope in Escondido.

  • Affordable treatment – Dentures are usually the most affordable way to replace missing teeth, and they are typically covered by dental insurance.
  • Prevent oral health complications – Dentures prevent your teeth from shifting after tooth loss, and can help protect and preserve your facial structure.
  • Restore your appearance – With dentures, you won’t have to feel self-conscious about missing teeth. You will be able to smile, laugh, and show off your teeth with confidence.
  • Eat & speak normally again – Tooth loss can make it harder to speak clearly and to eat your favorite foods. With dentures, you can eat your favorite foods once again, and speak clearly and confidently. 
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