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Galileos CT Technology

At the practice of Dr. Douglas Hope, we pride ourselves on using the most advanced diagnostic tools and dental technology to provide our patients with the very best care. At our practice, you’ll benefit from advanced tools such as the Galileos CT scanner.

This 3D digital scanner is an alternative to traditional x-rays. The Galileos CT scanner provides powerful, comprehensive imaging with less radiation. Curious to learn more about this advanced device? Read on!

What Is Galileos CT?

The Galileos CT uses advanced CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) to gather a comprehensive view of a patient’s oral health. Unlike traditional x-rays, this 3D digital scanner allows Dr. Hope to scan the entire head of a patient. The high-resolution images delivered by the Galileos CT scanner provide a more in-depth view of a patient’s oral health.

With easy-to-use 3D views, Dr. Hope can help you understand the overall health of your mouth, and quickly diagnose potential oral health issues. By providing incredibly clear, reliable images, a comprehensive, full-face scan, and fast results, the Galileos CT helps Dr. Hope to deliver exceptional dental care.

The Benefits Of Galileos CT Technology

There are quite a few benefits of using Galileos CT technology. First, patients are exposed to less radiation, as compared to traditional digital and film x-ray imaging.

The Galileos CT scan exposes patients to the equivalent of 3 digital panoramic x-rays , or 1-2 film panoramic x-rays. This means that the overall level of radiation exposure is much lower than a traditional full-mouth x-ray series.

This technology also minimizes the need for re-shoots because hundreds of images are taken during the scan, offering more thorough and comprehensive imaging.

The Galileos CT scanner also delivers incredibly fast results. A full face scan can be taken in just 14 seconds, and you’ll be in the machine for less than a minute. This helps provide faster, more accurate diagnoses, and minimizes the time you have to spend both in the waiting room, and in the dentist’s office!

Finally, Galileos CT technology allows Dr. Hope to diagnose potential oral health issues quickly and efficiently. With advanced 3D imaging and incredibly high-resolution digital scans of your mouth and face, Dr. Hope has all of the diagnostic information that he needs to provide you with the best dental care in Escondido and San Marcos.

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No matter where you are in North County, the practice of Dr. Douglas G. Hope, DDS, FAGD is the best choice for all of your oral care needs. With advanced technology such as the Galileos 3D digital scanner, Dr. Hope’s years of diagnostic expertise, and a patient-focused attitude, we can provide you with incredible oral care.

Come in today, and see how our focus on advanced technology makes us different! Call for an appointment at (760) 480-8883, or come to our office at 511 E 2nd Ave, Escondido, CA 92025.


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